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Diane “Didi” Weekley

Hi! I am Diane “Didi” Weekley and I’m your go-to woman at Didi’s Korner. I believe whole heartedly in the mind / body connection and its importance in our overall health and wellbeing. I believe beautiful and spacious surroundings, regardless of the size of your space, make us feel beautiful inside and enhances our sense of happiness and creativity.

The best word to describe me in my life and work is: Eclectic!

I have played many roles in my lifetime – waitress ala Chinese / Greek / French / Diner restaurants, children’s theatre instructor, director, actor, storyteller, career development services staff, Program Director, mime, artist, child care worker, interpreter for the deaf, tutor, corporate trainer, administrator, wife, mother, grandmother, Life Coach, executive coach, and now professional empowerment space creator. Which brings me to Didi’s Korner.

At Didi’s Korner we’re all about Real Connections – real connections with people and what is important to them. That’s why you will see a variety of categories of interest at Didi’s Korner, from DeCluttering, to  ways to connect with Kids at the Cosmic Kids Space to Wellbeing Resources and more.

At Didi’s Korner we get why at times we cling to people, old stories, clothing, books, knick-knacks – just about any “thing” in our lives that creates a sense of connection, even when that connection no longer serves us.

Mementos from a trip with someone we loved, dishes or furniture or clothes that were special to someone in our lives. Those clothes that fit two sizes ago that remind us of who we once were and want to get back to… Those clothes or things that belonged to a grandparent, a parent, a spouse or loved one who has passed on.

Special items mean different things to each one of us and letting them go can be hard.

We get how people change and grow, how life passages sometimes require us to jettison our past and the things from our past. We get how difficult that process can be. We also get how leaning into a new future, even one we want, planned for and have looked forward to, can be emotional and scary.

At Didi’s Korner we can help.

We’ll help you with a simple system to rethink your relationship to the things in your life. We’ll help you find a new vision for your future and find new ways to deal with other people’ stuff. We’ll guide you through how to release attachment to items that no longer serve you and create with you new ways to reimagine your relationship to the things that surround you.

It’s amazing how when you declutter your space, you will declutter your mind and in all that space you just might uncover parts of your Life you may have long forgotten. You just might find new meaning, creativity and purpose.

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Kathy Basel

I have had the privilege to be coaching with Diane for several months now. My goal is to get greater clarity and focus amid many personal life changes. Diane has been a gift. She listens from the heart and has an incredible sense of intuition that allows her to cut through all my perceived confusion and reflect back to me what my soul is seeking to express. It’s like I am running around frantically searching for my keys, and she is standing calmly by to hand them to me. Her words have become mantras in my life, such as: when the vision is clear, the decisions are easy. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone looking for a coach to take them to the next level or to find their way in creating something entirely new.

Creator of the Vitality Code, Holistic Wellness Coach, Natural Health Expert


My Personal Story

I come from a family that moved every two to three years, moving seven times to four different states before I was 17. My mother threw out a lot of things rather than “have to move them”. My father, an engineer and Navy officer, appreciated a very clean and somewhat Spartan home.

I love harmony and beauty. Admittedly, I have had a bit of a double standard when it comes to clutter. My gym clothes draped across the back of a chair always looked artistic to me when someone else “throwing their stuff down” on a chair seems messy.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I was one of those kids that had to clean her room before I could even sit down to study. This was not to avoid studying! I needed to create order and harmony for my ever- active brain to rest enough to focus.

I went off to college, got a Creative Arts degree, got married, got divorced, worked full-time, remarried. Through the years the family acquired a lot of “Stuff”. And not wanting to throw out everything as my mother did when I was growing up I did my best to keep special mementos for my children. It grew into ALOT of “Stuff”.

In 2010, I completed an in-depth two-year coaching school. A major theme for me throughout those two years was “how do I deal with everyone’s stuff?”

Working full-time, managing a home, being a wife and mother AND going to school – it was ALOT. With three teenage boys in and out of the house there was little time to declutter or get rid of the many things my wonderful husband and I brought to our marriage. Even though I knew better I was always trying to get my husband to get rid of his extra stuff. He too wanted to get rid of things but with family activities and our dual careers we were just too busy.

In December 2017, having transitioned from my job and with some time and space available, a dear friend loaned me Marie Kondo’s book, The Japanese Art of Tidying Up. It changed my life.

The phrase, Physician, heal thyself, came back to me – my interpretation of that phrase was “Take responsibility first with yourself Diane – the rest will follow”. I stopped trying to change that man of mine. Within a week, I embarked on my own decluttering process and had an epiphany – “I’ve been doing this since I was a kid.” I LOVE to organize! And I have found a way that works. Organizing my space, creating space, getting rid of things – spacious living – finding it in my own life and helping others find it too – this is my calling! Didi’s Korner was born.

Let Didi’s Korner Help

Didi’s Korner can definitely help you create Spacious Living and Real Connection to yourself, other people and the things in your life. Whether it is because you are down-sizing, helping a family member divest of their things, or want to create something new for yourself or your family, we can help.

Group workshops, webinars, and one on one coaching are available. Some of the workshops are:

  • Putting Order to Chaos – an Introduction
  • Enhance Your Wellbeing – Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind
  • Your Vision to a Clutter- Free Future
  • Beginning Stages of Down-sizing Your Parent’s Estate – What Do I do with “All that Stuff”?
  • Downsizing with Ease and Grace – Creating Spacious Living in less Space

Premium Packages also available.

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